Qbox - module 4 milestone #3 - incorrect file permissions

I can’t understand what needs to be done here? The beta versions of the QBox ? File permissions of all the vsftpd files are same. Help please

You don’t have to notice the permission of vsdtpd’s versions.
just use this version to create server and transfer the created 1 GB file.
check the permission of file before transfer and after transfer.
Is both are same ?

The file permissions of the file being transferred needs to be checked here. You can go through the task details for more clarification.

What is the required file permissions for the files? Do I have to match if the transferred file has same permissions as the original file or do i have to match the file permission of only the transferred file with the v1

You have to upload 1gb file to server using each version and check whether the permissions of uploaded file is same as benchmark permission or different and have to report if found different.

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As such there is no requirement I believe. The task board should be more clear on that. However, I will recommend you try transferring file with maximum number of permissions so that if there even a minor change you can see it.

You need to check it against the original file, as written in the task description I believe.

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