QBox Module 3 Assessment Not Being Triggered

I just submitted my code for module 3 of QBox through a git commit but it hasn’t triggered an assessment like it did for the first two modules, can someone from Crio take a look and tell me what’s going wrong?

Update 1: Just received an auto-generated assessment email but it’s the assessment report for module 2, for some reason instead of assessment for module 3 assessment for module 2 is being triggered.

Hi @Nitin529
Looks like you are facing challenges in the current module.

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Hi @Nitin529 :slight_smile:

Yeah, your assessment for Module 2 is being triggered when pushed code for Module 3 assessment. The assessment is triggered by your code push but the module for which the assessment occurs is based on the content of your __CRIO__/metadata.json file in the ME directory.

Can you please verify if you have module id there as that of Module 2 or that of Module 3?
The module id is the same as the name we use with the git remote add command when setting up files during the start of the milestone.

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