Python: Using tuple in heap is a problem

I am using python to code for this concept pack.
In this particular module, I have passed all the test cases but after completion when I saw the approach provided, I think it is not possible in python
I am using heapq for this. As provided in the solution we can add the node in the heap one by one but in python it won’t compare the nodes. I have tried a similar approach with PriorityQueue and it results with the same TypeError.
my code which generates TypeError:-


where l is the heap array

TypeError: ‘<’ not supported between instances of ListNode and ListNode

I know why it is generating that, my question is how else, in python, can we do this question with this approach?

In python, when you use a tuple in a heap , the heap first compares the first element of the 2 tuples, if equal then compare the second element and so on.

In this case your first element is node.val (which is integer and is comparable) but the second element is a node object and there is parameter to compare them. A way to solve this is to make a wrapper class to your node which compares 2 nodes by their value using the __lt__(self,other) function for the class.

Refer to this or similiar stack overflow article for better reference.

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