Pulled but got already up to date and some merge error

Can someone help me to understand why it cannot find the new files from the gitlab?

Is there any unresolved merge conflict?

As a matter of fact I did resolve all the merge conflicts but it was still showing that I have not.

There was a merge conflict which was not resolved so git didnt allow you to pull

In order to solve this issue you can use git reset --hard, then try pulling the code again resolve the merge conflicts again.

not working bro

Then when I did commit why is it saying already up to date when the files are not pulled?
And how do I resolve it?

Can you do a git remote -v?
and check for the respective stubs that are there?

I did get my files now that I see but they are stored in the bin folder and not src folder.
So should I manually move them or leave them there @Rahul-Crio.do ?

Okay was the bin folder not there in the previous modules before?
Or is it something new that you are encountering now with ? :slight_smile:

Yes , This is the first time I am encountering this and yes the bin folder was there in the previous modules. Okay sorry in the bin folder are the .class versions of the files. So I still not have the files I need.

Hey chill :smile:, it’s just a backup, you can continue with your tasks now, all the best :), I am closing this ticket