Pssword for qbox-host?

what is the password for qbox-host in module 3 during file transfer?
ps: my workspace password is not working.showing 530 login incorrect

workspace password should work
username is crio-user
type password carefully.

The password is same as workspace password, make sure you copy the password without any trailing whitespace.

when i am using ftp crio-user 8081 its showing
crio-user: name and service not known
and about passsword i am copy pasting it

yes did that, what si qbox host? crio-user?

not crio-user use your hosting address or ip

ftp host_address port_number

my ip? when i was typing my name it was showing connected

how to find host address sir?

host address is same at which your workspace is running

sorry sir but my workspace url, i am really confused here?

can you see this in your workspace


click on go to workspace then you can see there ip address and password

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sir it is showing
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection
Login failed.
No control connection for command: Success
when i am entering the password

this is another issue follow instruction and use google you will figure out

sir i am stuck on this since an hour, went through forum and google many times.
ps: my server is running in my background as root
also my ftp_client is owned by crio-user
what else am i missing?

restart your QBox server again and then try it it will work

sir can you tell me why its showing 2 processes in last 2 lines . when i killed one other one got kiiled automatically same as when i run the server its showing both…is this an error?

did that sir,multiple times

try to figure it out yourself because if you will resolve this error this will help you building conceptual understanding go through all the instructions again and read all references which is provided.

sir, any hint will be very helpful sir.its too confusing now