Problem with multiple files

I guess i have introduced some problem in my repository while trying to pull module 2 dependencies as there are currently 5 files with name PortfolioManagerApplication only difference is that presence of remote, backup ,etc. How can i make this right again. Or if it is normal then please let me know.Capture

You can safely delete them. I deleted them and it didn’t cause any problem. @shubhamjadon

This problem occurs when you pulled something without commiting your changes.
If you want to start from fresh you can use
git reset --hard commitID or
Don’t use merge tools, you can delete these files.
These files are _Local which is your local machines file in which you made changes.
_Remote is file you pulled from remote repository.

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You can remove this extra files. They were created during the use of mergetool.

after deleting did you repulled ?? As my main file does not include todos. Also which files did you removed among these?

Pull again after resetting, but this time resolve the conflicts by accepting both changes and then manually removing extra lines of code.

First resolve the merge conflicts and then delete files with backup, base, local and remote. After this, continue with your work, don’t have to pull again. These are just temporary files generated by git mergetool.

Thank you @ankushshetkar16 @shoryajain @shoryajain finally it is back to normal

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