Problem while running python script

Please Help.It says Cannot construct instance of java.time.LocalDate

Please refer to the following FAQ

I have already seen this. But not able to solve it. There is some LocalDate serialization error.

Hey @Lavoiser i am not able to seen line number and function name in screenshot correctly but if you will observe it correctly maximum of time it happens in and in getStockquote() function and reason for that is bad URL format or deserialization error so better you try to found out line number in that error and then debug near to that line number.

Its giving deserialization problem for LocatDate. So where I am going wrong?

that’s what i am saying have you tried to read that stacktrace which you are getting by that error i am not able to read because SS are not that much clear try to read it you will find out the file and function number and then debug it near to that.

@amanagar I am getting the same error. Although all the test cases are passing on running gradlew test and gradlew build.
I am getting an empty list with response 200 on running the script

I think the issue is that you missed using buildUri method anywhere in your code. The buildUri is correct but you haven’t used to make an API call anywhere. Please let me know if this observation was correct or not. And also let me know if your issue is resolved by this reply or not.

If your issue is not resolved by this reply, would you please create a new topic with the same name and paste the link of this topic in the description. On that new topic, we can resume our discussion. I’m closing this topic.