Problem in understanding

As given in todo we have to copy our code of PortfolioManagerApplication#calculateAnnualizedReturn
into #calculateAnnualizedReturn of but we have to change it according to new arguments passed.
So, as new arguments passed contains a list of portfolioTrades and endDate, so we have to calculateAnnualizedReturn on each element of portfoioTrades so i calculated Annualized return for each element now we have to ''return new AnnualizedReturn(trade.getSymbol(), annualizedreturns, totalReturns);" but we have a list of AnnualizedReturn which contains respective values calculated for each value of portfolioTrades.
So, Do i cange type of calculateAnnualizedReturn from annualizedReturn to annualizedReturn list?
Please let me know if i am making any mistake.

Yes, calculateAnnualizedReturn method of PortfolioManagerImpl class has to return a list of annualizedReturn . this method is like mainCalculateSingleReturn method of PortfolioApplication class.

hey where do we get buyPrice and sellPrice because they are not part of arguments

we are given portfolioTrade list as argument and endDate, so we can get purchase dates of various trades from portfolioTrade. Then to get buyPrice and sellPrice we will use our code from module 3 and paste in inside getStockQuotes of to get buy and sell price.(Basically we have to use getStockQuotes to call tiingo api and return result to calculateAnnualizedReturn)