test keeps failing

The 3rd test keeps failing even after correctly listing user home directory. Also verified my solution with hint.

Try looking at the problem with a open approach.

Same output can be achieved in different ways. Try using some other method than the one you are presently using.

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Where to find file ?

Run “tree” command to get a heirarchial view. Try to find this file in this view. Then you can navigate to that location.

Read the TODO carefully @umaralam48

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@umaralam48 you are listing correctly but that no worth.please read it again.print home directory is not same to listing out.
I hope you get some hint out of it.
happy leaning!

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They want you to print path and not the content I got it correct after many hits


Got it, thanks! Although there is a discrepancy in milestone 1 and TODO written in the file itself.

It is in linux_commands directory

exactly they want home directory path not home directory
way to go in home directory is : cd
to print path : echo $HOME

We are required to PRINT it, NOT execute a command to take the user to home directory.

anyway it wil not affect your result’
I just give idea to go to home directory
I am not telling you to go to home directory

Actually the task in mlestone 1 says to list the content of home directory while in it is written in comment to print the home directory , so that’s creating a bit of confusion for users.

please print only home directory path it will work for test case

It is in the linux command directory. You can reach out to it via the link you would have received on your mail address.