PortfolioManager using StockQuotesService

In PortfolioManagerFactory I got StockQuotesService instance but cant understand how to get PortfolioManager using this instance.
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i am stuck at same problem but this article give me great hint how to move ahead go through it and compare it with our use case you will see direct solution.

hope it helps.

@Soumyadip The scenario is the same as what you did in the previous modules. If you knew in the last module we were dealing with Resttemplate as a parameter and sending its instance.

Here you just need to do something similar to that with your gotten StockQuotesService Instance.

Also, you will need to add the Constructor of it somewhere else in the directory. Finding the directory is the task that I want you to find out.

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The replies from @VKW1111 @sandeep are good. Please let us know if that resolved your issue or not.

@Saurav_Crio.Do Problem is solved, :blush: