PMD voilations error trying from 2 days help!

My build is failing due to this error

I haven’t did anything in this file but still it is giving me error

Can you share the output from full build using ./gradlew build?

Run on debug mode. Put breakpoint in UncaughtException. See where this error is coming

If you are stuck from 2 days. You can try removing qmoney directory and doing module 1 again. I have encountered so many errors in module 1 but not this one. So It can be rare. If you unintentionally removed some code or modified it then doing module 1 is feasible option and do only things that are said to be done.

Hey @anch_72, Kindly share your build report for reference.

This is my build report

I don’t think this is because of the pmd issues. Something to do with Git. You should try Googling it or asking a TA.

Initially it was showing PMD voilation

Why dont you paste the solution discussed in this Thread into __CRIO__->ruleset.xml

Hey, please type this following command on your terminal
ls -l .git
and check for your ownership.
Change the ownership to crio-user.
This should solve the problem.
For future reference, do not use sudo command with git.