Please Explain me what to do in milestone 2

After reading the the TODO’s I can infer that we have to get the CPU speed right?
but if there are multiple cores then which core should we take that fits the requirement , right?
And also having trouble in extracting information from the passed arguments, somebody could suggest some resource to go through ?

Please use the References provided in the task. That should help you.

Extracting the speed of only 1st core worked for me

Do we have to extract only first core??

how? I use the /proc/cpuinfo to get the details where I see that the two cpus are cpu0 and cpu1. You said that by taking the cpu0’s Cpu MHz only can do the work???
I have done exact same
directly take the cpu0’s “cpu MHz = …” and print it as integer after rounding off.

note It works fine in terminal but not in unit testing why???

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