Ping request shows request timeout

i tried to ping to the qbox host ip
after starting the server

but it shows request timeout

but ping to google and other sites works well

Make sure you are pinging to correct IP address. Every time workspace gets refreshed IP will change.

i know it

yes i am pinging to correct ip address

hey @tijira search it over google you will find out in which scenarios it doesn’t work in this case may be firewall is the reason.

i have turned my firewall off
still it shows request timeout

Are you able to transfer files from filezilla to the QBox Server like you did in module 3? Can you try this.
If you are unable to ping, most likely the IP you are pinging is incorrect.

yes file tranfer is possible via filezilla

Then ping to the same IP being used with filezilla should get a response from the QBox host. can you post a screenshot of ping failing?

resolved it thanx by adding an inbound rule to the firewall

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@tijira I am facing the same problem. Can you please explain it, how you resolved it?
I am facing a problem of 100% packet loss. When I ping to my IP but when I ping to or then it just works fine.

Just add inbound rules for ipv4 and ipv6 in your firewall configuration

You can learn how to do that in YouTube

If nothing works try disabling your antivirus software and firewall

Lastly make sure that you are using private wifi
Not public wifi

U can use your phone’s hotspot