Ping is working fine and receiveing packets but tcpdump is not capturing packets ? why?

tcpdump is not capturing packets when I try to ping through my laptop but it captures packets when I do inside my workspace in second terminal. Since Question is asked to ping through your laptop I don’t know why it is not working

@Shashank hey, kindly add SS as your problem is not clear.

From my laptop I am not able to do

It is working fine. Search for executing ping command on windows.

We will write ping command in windows like this only . I have already searched it

You will ping from your laptop and try to capture packets on your workspace during that process.

don’t use destination and use tcpdump -c1000 -i any not port 8080 -w filename
this will help you to capture.

Yes I am doing that only . It is working If i open terminal in next window in workspacec but not from my laptop

How do I know it is receiving packets from my laptop because it is receiving packets even if I am not pinging

use wireshark and notice the ports or you can use statistics in wireshark to notice the packets

okay thanks for your help I will try to know using wireshark

I have one doubt why my earlier command was not working

See you need to ping from laptop and use tcpdump to capture packets in the workspace itself and redirect the output of the tcpdump to a pcap file.

@Shashank, your tcpdump command is not correct for the required task.
Hint: Filtering by port can help.

whats the significant of using any not port 8080 interface