Photo not there in group

my status code is 200 and it is accepted in assesment but still i am not getting photo in #showcase slaclk group

if assessment is passed , you can proceed to next module.

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If photo is not getting published then may be your data format is wrong for posting

If the format isn’t right, will it still get accepted in unit testing?

Format is correct. But there is something missing in that data format to make the post published

What is missing sir? I used the exact format specified in the Facebook Graph API page, and used all those parameters. Am I missing a Parameter?
According to the website:

On successful upload, the Graph API provides a response including the id for the upload photo.

I printed the response, it is:{‘id’: ‘123214399208237’, ‘post_id’: ‘112484523614558_123214399208237’}
Doesn’t this prove I have a successful upload?

Solved the problem, no need to reply!