peakHourServingRadiusOf3KmsAt7Pm() is still failing in Test

I followed the pointers suggested here, but the problem is still same.

Please suggest more pointers to proceed .

Please post the error you are getting now. Is the UnrecognizedPropertyException error still happening?

Can you tell me what changes you did to resolve the error?

Error is resolved and Mod 2 is completed. I put @JsonIgnore on Id attribute in as was not having id field

Nice. Happy Learning By Doing!

Closing this topic as it has been solved by you yourself. Great job, keep working hard. if its not resolved feel free to un-mark the accepted solution to re-open the topic.

Closing this topic as your issue has been resolved by the community. If not Kindly un-mark the accepted solution to re-open the topic or feel free to create a new topic and post a link to this topic as a reference.