Path variable reset

I set my path variable using terminal command in module 3. But as soon as I switched my user the variable got updated automatically. So, I need to set my path variable each time I wish to run .config fle. Can you tell me the reason why. And secondly if I open another terminal it has its own Path variable which is the default one and not the updated one. Why is this happening

Hey, can you explain to me your issue clearly?
are you talking about the Vsftpd log file path?
Also, the path Variable shown on your terminal updates accordingly when you open a particular folder in Visual Studio Code, the terminal operates from that particular point.

I am referring to the PATH variable present in the env list of terminal which it refers while executing any terminal command to search the right file containing the command’s code. If I add a path in that using export then it should be done permanently right? This was used to setup the Vsftpd while running config command for server.