Params addition in calculateAnnualizedReturn function

Do we have to add sellPrice and buyPrice parameters in calculateAnnualizedReturn function which we have to implement in file? The only params given are List portfolioTrades and LocalDate endDate. Without adding buy price and sell price how can we find annualize return?

@ankyy no u do not have to add params to the function. You will get all appropriate values using portfolioTrades.

But portfolio trades has only symbol,quantity,purchaseDate and tradetype

@ankyy have u completed module 3? how did you calculate the annualizedReturnValue there?
the response has open price and close price. Open price is buy price and close price is sell price
I think this is very detailed and should solve your doubt.

I had tiingoCandle POJO which contained all this info.

We are refactoring the code from in this module so write codes accordingly, you have to write code for making requests too.

That means we have to use API too?

yes @ankyy, scroll down in you will find functions that returns the url for us to make requests.
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