Output format in qbox module 2

I have explored quite a bit but I am still not getting how to format my output for eg if I want to extract 500 from cpuspeed=“500 Mhz” please tell how could I format it with grep

Hi @Vibhu007
Looks like you are facing challenges in the current module.

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Hi @Vibhu007,

The core idea is that we need to use output of a bash command as input of another ie, series of bash command. See here

  1. Try using grep command with different keywords that might be used to filter out the required line of text

  2. If there are multiple matches printed, see how to get the required line of text

  3. Use regular expression with grep or the awk command to select a particular piece of text from the line fetched

Nb: We can use different flags for grep to print only the text match & not its entire line, only the first match etc

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