One Version closing the connection

I am trying version 2 for getting file. But as I try to download the file, 421 error comes up and server closes the connection

I haven’t made even a single letter change in config file. Why would I do that?? v1 was runnig smoothly. If it was about file permission, it would have given permission denied!

it is closing the connection each time I request for the file

Heyy remember that some of the versions are faulty.

Thank you Ayush. Vipul, please inspect the versions and find the faulty ones.

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Done!! :heart: :heart:

Should we include faulty ones in the file we have to create?

Yes, for each milestone, include the faulty version numbers for that task. The example is provided in the instructions.

Does this mean that in high_cpu consumption we need to include those versions too in which the file upload is not at all happening ?

No, that is not required.