Not working version 2 and 3 of vsftpd

specifically the version 2 and 3 of vsftpd are not working.
in the ftp server its getting stuck while uploading or downloading.
the console is not at all responding.

Some versions are faulty record your observations and proceed forward.

i cant see the record of memory and cpu utilisation in the ‘top’ command

Make sure you are checking the correct process.Hint: parent and child process.
Its a better practice to open a split terminal for top command it will be easier for you to visualise.

@Kunal has given an excellent hint, please use that hint and your issue will be resolved.

to observe cpu and memory usage, try to check all child processes of vsftpd using top command.

Do we need to check “ftp” process or the “vsftpd” process?

Search the forum…this has already been answered many times.

Share the link, already searched the forum

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