Not understanding the basics of Module 5 Qmoney

I have completed the Qmoney module 5 . Did make the library which works on versions and is available in maven so any one is able to access it as well. But still I dont understand what is the use of all this. What have I achieved after doing all this. Kindly explain me or just let me know the way as to how should I understand what I have done right now?

One more thing, I always notice there is an architecture in the overview window. How is that important for us. Do we need that in the coorporative sector for all the projects. Shall we learn how we build such flow diagrams?

This is basic design document for a software. It’s the first thing created after we have software requirement. It shows the data flow and all other things as shown there. Read about SRS and SDLC and you will get to know. Hope this helps.

ya I have read about all these flow diagrams and SDLC in curriculum but thought that was all some text only. Never thought it was that important. Thanks though but the question about module 5 still remains the same. Kindly help in that if possible.

See in the real world there is more than one team working on a software product. Just like here there a front-end team and back-end team. We are doing back-end work in Spring Boot here. Whenever we modify or update the backend, the frontend team must get it. That’s why we are publishing it to a Maven Repo so that the frontend team will fetch it whenever we update the backend application. I am not sure that it’s the full answer. Maybe someone from Crio Team will reply in detail :slight_smile:

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Sure sure. I will wait for some more detail if any. Thnks for the prompt reply sir.

Don’t call me Sir. I am just 3rd Year Undergrad :slight_smile:

as @gauravburjwal said, whatever application code you have written till now is basically a back-end for a StockPortfolio application, whenever we make changes to a build.gradle, a jar is generated.
a JAR (Java Archive) is basically a package file format typically used to aggregate many Java class files and associated metadata (text, images, etc.) into one file which can be distributed on to different projects in the JAVA platform.
Also whenever you make changes to your code, make sure to run the command ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal,
To understand what maven is, and how different it is to git
you can refer to the following FAQ :slight_smile:

you can ping me if you have any other issues


Hey, its been more than 12 hours since you’ve replied. I’m closing this query, if the problem still persists feel free to raise a new query :slight_smile: