Not Permitted .. Have to use sudo?

cp ~/workspace/vsftpd.log ~/workspace/betusingh031-ME_QBOX/client_server/
When I used sudo then this problem solved ?
Please help !

check the file ownership of vsftpd.log it will be root then you have to use sudo
study about ownership and permission in linux u will get it

Brother , in the given tasks it is mentioned that we have to use
cp ~/workspace/vsftpd.log ~/workspace/betusingh031-ME_QBOX/client_server/ command.
So should be use sudo along with it OR task indirectly says that change the ownership of log file to normal user and then use the above command?

see the task doesn’t say about it
but if you are unable to copy log file without sudo command then file will have ownership as root
so use sudo.
task goal is to copy the file
it doesn’t matter if u use sudo or not