Not getting milestone 2, done everything

i am not able to connect to filezilla,even after doing everything.
i have referred every topic on forum.

Hey @anmol1point0 have you configured filezilla for SSL/TLS connection?

i haven’t made any changes in filezilla, am i supposed to change something in filezilla too?
sir i am using filezilla client. does it matter?

yeah obviously you have to configure it for SSL/TLS connection for reference you can look into this and also check references carefully which are provided under milestones

sir, still the same error,i have followed the steps

sir i am stuck on this milestone since afternoon, any hint would be very helpful

Hey @anmol1point0 i have suggested you the possible mistake which you are doing earlier now it can be happen because of vsftpd.conf file where you have defined parameters or it can be happen because of SSL key you have created or you have not configured filezilla correctly for SSL/TLS connection try to find it out by using references and instructions.