Not getting any output on tcpdump, milestone 2

I have tried using ping and traceroute along with tcpdump dst workspace url on a different terminal but I am not getting any output. I think I am doing wrong in tcpdump while capturing the packets. Please let me know my mistake.

can you share the screenshot what is happening when you are using tcpdump and have you installed it?

I think the dst should be Please let me know if I am correct.

yes, you have to use the domain name after tcpdump

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  • If you filter on destination IP address, you won’t be able to get the reply for the DNS query.

  • As the milestone asks you to list out all the packet number involved in the hostname conversion, you would need a different filter.

  • Try checking if there is any particular port(s) you could allow to get only the required packets or prevent to avoid sniffing not required packets