Not able to understand what tingo<candle> means

Use RestTemplate#getForObject in order to call the API,
// and deserialize the results in List
what is tingo candle here

TiingoCandle is the class which implements Candle interface. Now, as per TODO’s you have to serialize/map your JSON to objects of


and store it into


You can find Candle interface and TiingoCandle class in dto folder.

Why we are not storing it into TiingoCandle or why we are using List.
Because we need data abstraction and to restrict manipulation objects if you closely look in Candle it consists of getters only. So you can only read data from it.

TiingoCandle is your POJO class, using rest Template you can parse your JSON response to a JAVA object.
This is similar to what you did in Module 1, where you used PortfolioTrade as a POJO and Jackson to parse the JSON data.
Refer to this FAQ.

I am closing this ticket, since it’s been more than 12 hours and I have not received any response from you.