Not able to understand milestone 2

  1. Check the pcap for the protocol used by the QBox host to find the IP address of .
  2. Specify the packet numbers where IP address for is resolved as a comma-separated list in the file packet_numbers_for_domain_name_resolution in the analyzing_protocol directory.
  3. If there are multiple instances of this in the pcap file, it is sufficient to submit packet numbers for one set.

You have to look for packets in the file where the domain name that you enter ‘’ is resolved into an IP Address.

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Enter those packets as comma-separated list like :- 1, 2, 3

there are two type of packets, one from qbox to google and another from google to qbox. which one i have to write.also there are like 75 packets containing google’s ip. do i have to write all of them?

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Look for domain name resolution, you know the name of the protocol that does it, right? :slight_smile:

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And also make sure the size of pcap file is less than 1 MB.