Not able to understand milestone 2 of module 5

I am not understanding the task that need to be done in milestone 2 of module 5. Which packet to look for ? Should i capture the packet after running ping command or after running the traceroute?

You should capture packets for ping and traceroute both. We need to look for packets where Name Resolution happens for IP of


How can I capture packets for both ping and traceroute? Should run both commands on different terminal and the capture it on another terminal?

Run ping for sometime, maybe to capture 3-4 packets, and then traceroute.

I did that. But i am not getting the packets where dns resolves ip address for google?

Try searching on google about how to filter out the relevant packets from the pcap file that has been created by adding these filters to Wireshark.

Hey milestone 2 is about how Qbox server can interact with the external world. Make sure to run the tcpdump command in one terminal and ping and traceroute in the other terminal…
Make sure that the packets from ping as well as traceroute commands are captured onto the tcpdump file.

I have captured the packets corresponding to ping and traceroot commands, but I am not seeing any packets that have a “comma-separated list” of ip address.

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list out packet numbers only as comma separated list.

How to capture both ping and traceroute.i am first capturing packets from ping command and then traceroute and >(filename) command , but its not working…

Search for how you can capture packets in pcap file using tcpdump. You will find out how to make it work!

Should ping and traceroute run simultaneously or one after another?

Im not able to find such packets ( when I filter out the required protocol where name resolution happens)
Its showing 0 such packets

That should not have happened. Are you capturing packets while running ping and traceroute? Does ping runs successfully?

im running tcpdump while running ping…
i also try to run traceroute simultaneously, but it ends pretty soon

got it now, i dont think it will work if we mention the number of packets to capture using “-c” while using tcpdump… not sure why though

Counting the packets using -c won’t be a good option in my opinion for this case. The number of packets we will capture are not known to us in advance.

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