Not able to submit the pseudocode

Getting this error while trying to submit the pseudocode.

Hi @Som1, can you try resetting and then submitting again?

Tried but no luck :frowning:


Can you once please clear the cookies and relogin. If the problem still we will help you.

sure … will try that … thanks a lot :slight_smile: Sorry for bothering u ppl. Never mind. Actually open a lot of tabs in browser, thats why dont want to lose history. But clearing cookies now.

Still facing similar issue even after clearing cookies

Also in the next problem i am seeing this

No code stub found for this problem

Hi @Som1, can you go to “Latest” option and select “Reset to Default” from the dropdown? Please let me know if that resolves it. Thanks.

@Som1 can you try from different browser and try again for ‘submit pseucode’ issue. Let me know if that solves the problem or not.