Not able to run tests one at a time

I’m getting this error while trying to run tests from RestaurantControllerTest


This may be because the server is not running, when I’m trying to run ./gradlew boot run, I’m facing this issue. Gradle Bootrun: Application Failed to Start

hello @Siddhant_Jain

  1. You don’t need running server to pass your tests in module 2.The server is only used to connect external device with your QEats backend and here you are running tests locally.

  2. You are getting assertionerror and if you visit the test method and try to understand what is happening and what the test is expecting you to do, you can figure out your mistakes.

Please let me know if you still face issues in it.

The issue says response status is 404, I can’t find any part of code that returns 404 explicitly. Are you sure that this is not an issue reaching the URI?

Can you try setting a breakpoint in the controller and see what’s happening?

Also, you have some errors to deal with, try if resolving those helps in passing the tests as well