Not able to pin images via the APP

  1. Describe the issue briefly
    for the module 3 task 4
    I have:
    updated the file
    started the server
    selected an image and wrote a caption
    then tried to upload it to pinterest by selecting the pinterest icon

RESULT:something went wrong! try again

if i don’t select any icon then it shows success

So am i missing something here? did i do anything wrong ? Or atleast my i know the working of the app so i can debug where i went wrong.
Am i supposed to change the file too?

can somebody help?

check the console it will tell the details what’s wrong

there are no errors in the file

check the status code in console when you post from mobile

That’s what. there is no status code on the terminal.
Also as i said the app itself is showing “somwthing went wrong!try again”

it shows success when i don’t select facebook or pinterest

Make sure that you have started the server and you have entered your workspace address in the app login page with right port no and user name. At least you will see the user name in the Console

issue resolved. I had forgotten to import something