Not able to pass assessment or Module 2- Seems like system issue

Yesterday, I had already raised the below issue

I have followed all the points laid out by Crio Tech Lead and still it isn’t working. Haven’t hardcoded anything. Used only “grep”, “cat” and “awk” commands. Works when executing in terminal but fails the assessment for “cpu” and “memory” tasks. Looks like a system issue to me. Can any Crio Tech Lead please go through my code and check whether it’s a system issue or not? Been stuck with this since past two days.

Try various other commands/ways that display Mem Total & cpu cores then try to extract from that.

Hint- You need to extract cpumhz for one cpu core

I’ve already done that @gouravsardana… Yet it’s failing.

Hey @ba1ry i have looked into your code none of your command is right which you have written in [] so for future advice before claiming any system issue first look into your code carefully and system issue happens only in case of IDE is not working or it’s down.

Happy Coding

Hey @amanagar, thanks for confirming that’s it’s not a system issue. Sorry for the trouble and will keep that in mind. With a little more effort, I was able to solve it. Thanks.