Not able to list directory in ftp

My config file is exactly as instructed in milestone tasks, but I get this error, when I try to connect to QBox server from ftp_client directory.

ftp> ls
227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,73,113,31,147).
425 Security: Bad IP connecting.

I searched for this error on google, and one stackoverflow answer told to enable pasv_promiscous to resolve this error. But the mentors ask not to add any extra options. Please help me. this is in reference to

Don’t add any extra boolean options that are not given in the milestone tasks. Also try using ftp-username as crio-user.
I think this should solve the problem :slight_smile:
Use the forum to solve the errors.

Now I get this error, after setting ftp_username as crio-user :weary: