Not able to get result after push code in git

not able to get the result after push code in Github, I already send 10 push request on Git after this I am not able to get responses.

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Hey, Does your issue resolved now?

no,still wait for response

@shad0w ignore the title of this post, but please follow the instructions there.

screenshot of module-info and metadata, I don’t know what I have to do next??

Did you check these 4 FAQs?

I checked out your repo - one of them has the answer. You haven’t pushed any code changes.

yes , every time i made changes and push the code
even gitlab have new push code but new push code is not evaluated


  • firstly, please refresh and make sure you get latest updates from Crio
  • secondly, make some changes in your file, commit that changes and push. You can track your activity on Assessment not getting started to ensure that you have

try to make some changes in any of the files and check your git status and will ask to commit changes in modified files and follow instructions for those.After that add all files and use the given commit command and force push the changes and one more thing in taskboard reselect the mark as complete button.
Do tell if problem still exists?

Maybe your head got detached. Use git log and if head is detached, Use git add remote