Not Able To Find resultOfResolveFilePathArgs0

I Am getting URISyntaxException and facing the errors while testing

can you share the exact screen shot or elaborate more ?

here is the screenshot

kindly refer these and before posting check whether your questions is already posted by other users or not

can you please elaborate

check this post: resolveFileFromResources(), couldn't figure out

just try to understand when you get this error, if you google it then you will see that this error only occurs when the URI or URL shape is not in the expected form, that means the json path that you are using is hard coded probably in the mainReadFile method, that’s why upon unit testing since it was different from the test path it gave URISyntaxException error.
Now you should be able to fix it with knowing where the problem is lying.

i don’t understand how to get the value i use a function resolveFileFromResources() in ainReadFile() function. So how should i set this value to the variable. stuck at this point.

remember how you have set the value for valueOfArgument0 in the #setup2, same way debug it and when you get the value for resultOfResolveFIlePathArgs0 then copy paste it, check the todo for how to do that while debugging .