Not able to create jar file

Have followed this,

I assume we have to do this inside annual return directory. From the blog I learnt that jar files are created on publishToMavenLocal gradle command. But am not able to reproduce this. I have added all required parameters in build file.

Not able to import packages in the app

Hey can u specify the error you are getting while building the local maven repository

You dont have to import any packages
It is already imported in the annualrunapp

I didnot touch the code but the error is this while doing build

I did not import anything it was already there, please check the below screenshot

Try ./gradlew bootrun

It throws the same error, tell me one thing I would be able to create jar file only if I do publish… command right ?

Yes you are right. You need to be able to successfully publish the build into local maven repository

Okay refer to this FAQ to understand why your JAR file is not being created

That did not work Rahul,

Are you sure about this ? :slightly_smiling_face:
Did you go through the FAQ?
There’s is an error in your MavenPublication function.
Refer to this link to understand what is missing and why it should be there :slight_smile: