Not able to complete module 4 milestone 7

Can someone pls share some resource regarding milestone 7 as i am not getting anything how can i approach this one i am not able to understand what i have to do and how can i achive that milestone!!

Going through the discussion forum few things that i have understood are :
We have to wirte scripts to perform the checking which we were doing manually.
For the same we can create threaded scripts which can perform task like ftp login and file transfer.
Just like we can write a script to create a new directory or file at certain path, we have to approach the same way.
We dont have to worry about ftp user name and password for logging in that will be automatically taken care of in assessment.
If you have any further lead on this do share :slight_smile:

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You need to automate everything that you have done in the past milestones using bash or python. It is kind of like first baking a cake, and then making a robot that will bake it for you!

Any idea how can we get the time from the transfer and analyse %cpu, %mem in top command? We can virtually see all these things in manual testing. But I don’t have any idea how to do this in a script.

Hi please tell me if you get any leads on this one.

Heyy, did you come up with the solution?

Hey @sandeep this will help