Not able to clone module 3

I m not able to clone module 3
And getting the following error:
fatal: remote ME_QBOX_MODULE_CLIENT_SERVER_STUB already exists.

  • branch master -> FETCH_HEAD
    Already up to date.

please help…

Hey, this is probably a git issue,
git remote -v to check remotes and to remove any remote use
git remote remove <STUB_NAME> to remove the particular stub and then execute the commands in the taskboard and see.
I hope this solved your issue :slight_smile: I am unable to remove the stub. Please help!

can you type sudo git remote?

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remove the stub that you are stuck with
and redo the instructions given in the taskboard Thank you.It worked

not working for me.

use sudo and try to execute :slight_smile:

Error: please make sure you have the correct access right.

Please tell me if you are going to help me or not. I have wasted 4 days trying to solve this problem.