No test cases given for calculate annualized returns after refactor function

I am getting some problem in running the method calculateAnnualizedReturnsAfterRefactor. So I want to debug it, but there is no test given for it in So how can I debug it then?

What problem are you seeing?

If I am testing PortfolioManagerImplTest, it is working fine. But when I run ./gradlew run --args="trades.json 2020-01-01"(means when I try to run through main), due to an unknown problem, I get empty response from the tiingo api. I think it is due to some improper arguement. I want to debug the mainCalculateReturnsAfterRefactor so as to know the problem.

I think that test is hidden.

Hey are you making the right API call in the buildUri function ?
Make sure you are making the right API call.

It’s been resolved. Please have a look on my another topic.