No packets getting directed on desired port

In the first milestone we are required to capture the packets and store them in .pcap file. My ping request is working and i am able to send the packets. When I am running tcpdump command there are no packets reaching the port 8081.I have specified in tcpdump command the port number from which i need to capture packets however no packets are being captured. Where am i wrong here. I tried specifying my networks ip as source ip for capturing packets but it just does’nt work.

While you run a ping command from your command line,
The command only requires the IP address, can you try pinging again from your local machine terminal.
The packets should be captured.

Yes I am doing the same from my local machine command line.
i am using : ping <workspace_ip>
I am getting reply from workspace_ip too but the issue I am facing is when in my workspace i am using tcpdump command to capture those packets. I cant see any packet directed to port 8081 neither I am able to see my machine Ip from which i am sending the packets.

Can you refresh the workspace?

Also can you tell me is the pcap file size zero?

can i share the command i am using here for a second then i will delete it?
I just refreshed my workspace i am giving you every detail in just a minute

make sure that you are capturing the right packets. search about which type of packets are sent during ping.

ping doesn’t use any port. It only relies on IP address.
With this exercise, we are just checking if the QBox Host is reachable and not checking if the QBox Server process is reachable.

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