No change in memory usage, or variation in file transfer speeds

I’m currently running on milestone 4 of Mod4. There are instructions to check for slow file transfers and excessive memory usage by different instances of vsftpd files.However, I’m getting nearly same transfer speeds ( 190-200kBps) in all working instances of vsftpd files. Nor is there any situation of excessive memory consumption… The system runs at a nearly constant memory usage of approx 1.12GB.
Can someone help me with this ??

Hey @kushrike you have to understand the difference between File Transfer speed and Memory Usage file transfer speed is speed is MB or KB transferd per second whereas Memory Usage is Memory used by instance that instance while transferring the file memory usage and cpu usage us checked by command top and htop you can not mix memory usage with file transfer speed and you have to check memory usage manually for more information refer this

I’m sorry, but I don’t think you got my issue. Let me frame the things separately.
The 4th milestone requires me to check if some instance of vsftpd takes too much time as compared to the benchmarked version. When I run the transfers, I nearly get the same transfer speeds for all the vsftpd(s). That would be my first issue.
Secondly, in Milestone 5, I have to check for excessive memory consumption, if any, occuring via transfer operations.In that too, the memory consumption remains static at 1.12 - 1.14 GB during the entire file transfer, in all working versions of vsftpd.
Now I don’t know what’s leading up to this.

Please make sure you are monitoring the correct process and the right parameter for memory (RAM).
And ensure you are looking at the right place for the file transfer speed. Read through instructions for all the tasks carefully.

For the file transfer speed, running ftp in the terminal itself shows me the transfer rate. What else do I need to see ?

Refer How do I check the time taken for a file transfer?