Next Module already unlocked after setup task 1

My third module was unlocked after I did solve merge conflicts for facebook review page. Can you please tell me am I through correctly with the modules or not? I am having the same case now for 4th module as well. Plus I am getting issues with

What’s issue with

Hi @bkbhavya, can you please be more detailed and clear about your issue?

Can you tell me my current progress? Before I completed my module 3 it shows that my assessment is complete for module 3. Am I on the right track or not?

Hi @bkbhavya could you please add some comment and push again right now? Kindly inform me of the assessment result.
Also could you tell me why you have created the backup files, was it intentional or were they created due to some error on our side?
also continue with module 3 and complete that. Ensure that you have completed module 3, orelse when you push the tests would be run and you would get build failure on pushing the code.

I didnt create any backup file. It must be created due to some errors. And my assesment result is correct, as in it has passed through every test case.