My tests are failing

When your test cases are failing, your terminal might be looking something like this:

To solve this, let’s check on a few things:

Step 1) You need to check if you have implemented all the tasks asked for in the milestone where you are being tested. For example, in this milestone 3, we are asked to change the fontSize property in workspace/amogh-desai-crio-users-ME_QPROFILE/portfolio-fe/src/components/landing/Intro/styles.js file which I failed to do.

Step 2) Now, make the required changes and then run the test again & verify that it passes. If not, see below.

Step 3) As a tip, try to understand the error message, the error message shown in the screenshot above, shows the expected and received results, which can be used to fix the error.

Step 4) If you still don’t understand why the tests are failing, you can open the tests folder and that particular test which is failing. To open the tests folder, do File -> Open Folder -> <the cloned Qprofile folder> -> portfolio-frontend -> tests. Now check for the file name which is being tested (This can be found attached to the npm test command that you were executing)

Check the content of what is being tested and you can fix it accordingly.