My terminal got stuck from git add

Give it some time. If you just opened the workspace, make sure you the workspace was completely built before doing anything.

I stuck from last 4 hours

@peruljain killl the process and try again

@peruljain have u checked wheather your worksapce have files more than 1 gb or 500 mb

all files sizes are small

have u checked this coommand du -sh
to check the size of entire folder

why my terminal got stuck

ctrl shift R , now
it will help u

Try simple commands like ls and see if that’s taking too much time. If that is the case, then there are large files inside your workspace directory and you have to delete them. @peruljain

try this also but again got stuck after writing du -sh

dont write this command on workspace , u have to use it on every internal folder,

I got 13 G in analyzing protocol folder

yeah thats what i am talking about

now delete ping capture.pcap and ping traceroute.pcab an make them again they are more than of 6 GB

while making both the file use -c300 or -c400 before -w in your command

thanks I will try this