My posts show up in #showcase and/or Pinterest, but assessment fails

This response is applicable to the following use cases:

  1. Your Facebook posts are showing up in the #showcase channel
  2. Your Pinterest posts are showing up on the Pinterest board you created

In both cases, however, your submission fails our assessment.

Troubleshooting tips

  1. Be sure to verify your Facebook share implementation by comparing it with the hints provided by us on Slack in the #announcements channel.

  2. Are you using the latest credentials? Facebook access tokens and page ids are regularly updated and new credentials are shared in the #announcements channel. Please update with the latest credentials and re-submit your code for assessment.

  3. For Pinterest, check if you are hitting their API rate limits. They only allow 10 requests per hour. If you have used them up as part of your own testing, then the assessment will not be able to use the same credentials due to the rate limit. It is best to wait for an hour and re-submit your code for assessment.

  4. Make sure you are not hard-coding anything (like image_url, caption, note, …). The Crio assessment server might use a different image or submit a different caption/note and verify that the Facebook posts/pins are using them. If you hard-code these fields, assessment will fail.

  5. For Pinterest, don’t forget to add the access token and board ID in


  1. When you resubmit your code for re-assessment, don’t forget to make a small change (even adding an empty newline in requirements.txt will suffice). This tricks our assessment service into thinking you are submitting a different solution.

  2. If the above tips don’t solve your issue, please create a new topic and include the entire test log file in it enclosed in a code block (by clicking on </> in the topic editor).