My is empty

i think that’swhy my assessment is failing

It’ll be filled after you finish the module. The test cases are hidden until that happens.

i pushed the code for assessment. this shows up

i checked the file and it is empty.
is it supposed to?
also in my its empty

Just take a look at the original repo in gitlab. If it’s empty there, it’s supposed to be. Otherwise clearly I was wrong.

can you look at your and see if its empty?

Mine would be filled anyway. I am in Module 7 na.

ohh, okay . thanks for your time
hey @shoryajain an this be possible that the assessment don’t provide date as argument?

The assessment tests all possible cases within the boundaries of the TODOs. So can’t speculate really tbh.

Actually module related tests are empty by default.
When the code is ran on assesment server, the test code is injected probably.
So there’s nothing to worry about it.