My IDE is not working

my git workspace is not working properly just giving the following commands as per the instructions but not working at all

is not working can find any solution

Hey @mrinal, I can see in the above screenshot that you are trying to get in your QEats folder and remote your repository. Your command is not working because you are already in your workspace and still you are commanding your terminal you get in workspace.

Also as I can see that you have already cloned the repo in your workspace, next fo fetching the stubs. Firstly go to the cloned repo using the cd command -> cd YOUR_USERNAME-ME_QEATS_REVIEW_MP/ and now go for the next step 4 to remote the repository.

Read every instruction carefully from ME and do check that in which directory you are to run the command.

Looks like you have not cloned you repo, can you check again, by going from git clone instruction in the setup taskboard.

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