My ftp get and put command doesn't show time or memory transferred

My ftp get and put commands are running fine but i can’t seen any time required or memory transferred information in it.

Check the vsftpd.log file for better information on this.

@Sakshi1 i think htop command can help you

I have solved the issue but i will look into it.

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As @S4G4R & @raghav9352 mentioned,

  • For monitoring CPU and Memory usage either use htop or top commands to check the usage of the required process

  • For getting the time taken for upload/download, check the vsftpd.log file and find the lines curresponding to the recent upload/download. You can see the transfer speed as well as the bytes transferred values and calculate time from those. This was mentioned by @Kiran in yesterday’s session.

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Dont you worry, I have faced the same issue go ahead it’s correct.