Monitoring method

When i monitor the ftp process , the cpu varies very fast . How should i calculate avg CPU. Also could someone help me which memory to monitor. Having a hard time here. I know many have asked the same question. But cud someone help me with a simple answer.

have you got the ans?

Are you monitoring the correct process?
Which is the process that you bench-marked, the server or the client?

Which process should be monitored?

I’m confused too with this there are 4 processes with the same name when monitoring command executes and none of them shows a significant change in RES and VIRT memory? not able to figure out what to do? Is I’m in the correct way or doing something wrong? :frowning:

There are multiple threads providing hints about this. Please check.

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yes, I read them all but not able to figure out how to do that. I’m monitoring an instance of the server and my client. But not able to figure out how to find Average memory taken during Upload and Any increase in memory taken by QBox Server after each upload. The memory shows inconsistent behaviour. Some time there is no change and file is uploading and downloading successfully and sometime there is decline in memory. By memory I mean resident set size. and this inconsistency is observable for both client and server. Please help me and so confused.

hey @Kiran
same problem here,
@akashchhetri you able to find any solution??

Facing the same issue…not clear how to calculate the avg memory usage (they remain constant)
Any hints?

run top or htop in other terminal parallely and monitor that just after transfering the file…this should be done really fast…you will get to see the changes!

it is changing but the value is decreasing constantly

Please check when the child processes get created which will tell you the correct one to monitor.
Start vsftpd, check processes. Start Client connection, again check processes.
Start transfter and monitor processes.

is your problem solved??

i am not sure, as it is mentioned in some topics, have taken increase in memory as 0 and avg of unchanged RES value of both parent process.

I have taken the avg of unchanged RES value of child process …Is it wrong?

don’t know ,lets see

ok thankyou for your help.