Module or Debrief Tasks not getting unlocked :(

Next Module or Tasks are not getting unlocked.


  1. Check if you have passed the assessment for the correct module. file within __CRIO__ folder in your project directory contains the name of the module for which you ran the assessment. If you had done incorrect merges, this could happen. Easiest way is to update the MODULE_NAME to the correct module id and do a git commit/push again. Note that file should have only one module name. See some examples here

  2. If you have passed assessment for the correct module, then check if you have completed all the Debrief tasks in the module by clicking on the Debrief tab.

  3. Sometimes Debrief tasks span across multiple horizontal scrolls - ensure you have marked every Debrief task as complete for the next module to unlock.

If you have passed the assessment for the right module, and the next unlock (Debrief task or Module) still doesn’t happen, try pushing a dummy change using:
git force-push

If you did this fall-back step and it worked, kindly leave us a note as that would help debug the issue and fix it for other users :slight_smile:

If that still doesn’t solve the problem, kindly contact Crio Team with list of steps you have already tried.